I’ll be brief… ish

“But I don’t have the time!” I yelled.

“So you need to make time!”

We were arguing…sorry…sensibly debating, why I didn’t have time to blog.

Arhh! I hate that saying, ‘make time’  What does that mean?  How do I make time?

I can make decent lemon curd sandwiches when the kids can’t decide what they want for breakfast. I can even, sometimes, stretch to making pancakes if I am in a good mood and am up at 6am. And sometimes, sometimes, I can even make the beds before leaving for school.

But make time? Perhaps I need to sleep less?

Mr Dear Emma and I often fantasize about what we could get done if we didn’t have to sleep. We would pad about the house to soft music and low lights doing all the things we never get round to doing. Him making more homemade wine, writing all those stories he has, reading all those books he’s amassed. Me making a freezer full of healthy meals, so I would never be stuck at dinner times, and ridding the lawn of dandelions. Together  ticking things off the to-do list,  Freeing up space on Sky+, replacing that broken banister spindle, watching those DVD box sets still in the cellophane, completing tax returns, shopping around for cheaper house insurance.

I hear Margaret Thatcher could survive on less than 3 hours sleep a night. Some might say that, judging by the job she did, she really should have had more – but I bet she had really cheap house insurance.

Anyway, this is me blogging the only way I know how.  Squeezed in between school runs, cutting out, sewing, cursing when the needle jams, 3 day event-ing – not the horse variety, but the Designer/Makers fairs, invoicing, posting, emailing…..blah blah…Oh, and making quick after school teas from the contents of our fridge. Thank God for quick cook pasta and pesto!

Dear Emma’s blog won’t be about me. Who on earth wants to know about me?  It’ll be about having an idea and making it happen, about an inspiration and making it real, step by step, mistake by mistake, skirt tucked in knickers, witchy-warts and all.  It could be ugly, but then, surely there’s beauty in that too? 

So here is me making time to sit down and write a bit of blog. Yes, there’s toys on the stairs, ironing in the basket and the milk still on the step. We slept in as usual but hey, I’m not paid to run the country.

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11 Responses to I’ll be brief… ish

  1. houdini says:

    Welcome to WordPress – looking forward to reading all about your creative adventures 🙂 Al x

  2. Bravo! It was worth the wait!

  3. I love this blog post and know the feeling about fitting it all in! Look forward to more!!

  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging – you will find time to fit it all in, trust me!

  5. Donna Flower says:

    Hehehe loving it already. As a blogger of almost 6 years (gulp), I know you will find that time 😉

  6. Hello, I found you today via Facebook. Having just started blogging, I love this post, and it summed up my morning to a T!! It’s really cheered me up :0) Your work is truly beautiful and I shall certainly be making some FB and blogging recommendations and can already tell I will thoroughly enjoy following your journey xx

    • HI there Sarah-Louise
      Thanks so much for you lovely comments. I am currently pondering my next blog. I like to keep them vaguely about my work but also my family and the small but insanely crazy things that you find yourself doing as a human being/mum/wife etc. I was aiming to blog towards xmas but I was so busy with orders, it got put to the bottom of the pile.
      Thanks again and I will checking out your ramblings too.
      Love from
      @Dear Emma Designs

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