Windows of Inspiration

Are you like me? Do you look forward to autumn when it’s getting dark outside and people haven’t got round to closing their curtains? Their rooms lit up like exhibitions begging to be looked at.  I can’t help myself. I love to see how other people live and make a mental note to myself, “Orr! I love their sofa/doors/bookcase/wallpaper!”  or even “Oooh their tea looks tasty!”

Mr Dear Emma shares my interest and took it to the next level. Having driven past a particular house for months leading up to Christmas and reporting back to me each night on their fabulous taste and their incredible bookshelves, he finally plucked up the courage to actually knock on the door and enquire, gently, in a very non stalker/serial killer kind of way, “Sorry to bother you, but how did you make that bookcase?”   Fortunately his question was greeted in a very enthusiastic manner and he was invited in to take a closer look and discuss the finer elements of carpentry in some detail.

Anyway… if you are like me, you might be mildly interested in the place where I spend much of my time cutting, pinning, sticking, sewing, staring out of the window or shouting at Jeremy Vine on the radio. My opinion is very valid when there is no one else to hear it or answer back. I have solved the problem of banker’s bonuses, the wrongs of illegal phone hacking and even whether it’s appropriate to share ones husband’s toothbrush! (It’s not by the way!)

This is where I can be found on a daily basis and, when I have a break from my ranting, this is where my ideas are born and, much like the best things in life, the good ones happen by accident.

My Blue Tit design evolved after spending far too long staring out of the window obsessing about a newly installed nesting box. Was it in the right location? Was there enough food available? Would there be any unsociable neighbours? Was there a good school close by?

The garden has many blue tits as visitors and, when a couple moved in, watching them was mesmerising. I liked their eagerness, their scruffiness, the way they fussed in and out of the nesting box and the fact that they looked like they were wearing black highwayman masks.   This lead to doodles, to lots of bird books and then to templates of blue tits in various positions.  Eventually, after many mistakes and months of hunting down just the right shades of yellow and blue, I can now embroider a blue tit in my sleep!   Hey – now that would free up some time!

You can see more about my workshop in the 3rd issue of Mollie Makes magazine. Out in stores on 7th July.

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15 Responses to Windows of Inspiration

  1. sewyou says:

    ha ha! You are so right – your opinion is very valid when nobody answers back. I’m exactly the same in my little sewing room. I would never have dared to knock on someone’s door like MrD.E did – well done! Love the way you write Cathy – do it more, do it more! xx

  2. Pipany says:

    I love your work, especially those pretty purses. Great to see your sewing room too (in a non-stalkerish way!!)x

  3. shauna lee lange studios says:

    Hi. We specialize in design/build of artist’s studios and would like to reuse this post (and the studio pics) on our site with your permission. Thank you and love the birds.

  4. I’m looking at a baby blue tit on the feeder outside my window right now! They are so stunning, and you’ve captured them beautifully (but not literally …) I like the way Mr D E thinks – Mr Quirk would do something similar!

  5. Lovely little blue tits. Welcome to the world of blogging, now you surely won’t have any free time at all! Free time! What’s that?
    Anyhow welcome onboard, best be off now. I’ve left it faaaar tooooo looooooong between posts myself. My get my blogging mojo back.
    love Fi x

  6. Forgot to say love the article in Molly. If it’s any consolation I share my sewing space with a teenage daughter up in the attic, well you can image the chaos! Does that beat sharing with a husband? hmmm…maybe…

  7. OMG! I think it’s a lot worse for you. I can manipulate and tenderly cajole my husband especially using gin and his favourite tea. But a teenager…and a daughter! No chance. Good luck and I will be keeping a watchful eye on you, Love Cathy x

  8. textiletally says:

    I have just found your blog and website after a hint from a friend and i love your work! The birds are fantastic and I am being serenaded by ours as I type. Please keep blogging!

  9. Terry Emmott says:

    Very impressive dear daughter-in-law!! The other author in the family will have to look to his laurels xx

  10. Terry Emmott says:

    Beautiful prose. One of the joys of the darker evening is looking into people’s homes, especially at Christmas time. I don’t know how he dare knock on someone’s door, but then that is typical of him. Love him to bits but he can be very single minded and he goes all out for what he wants. I do sometimes wonder if he got swopped at birth but I only have to look at him and I know that he’s my second born. Bless him. What a talented duo.

  11. Janine says:

    You have really inspired me, I read your article in mollie makes and couldnt wait to show my husband your studio come shed, with a lot of signing and pointing at your picture, i pleaded this is what i need, i mean really need, a work space, 10years working off the kitchen table and living room floor, ! he agreed, that is the first step in my plan to take over some room in the house, or move to somewhere with enough space just for me and my million pieces of fabric threads and things i dont know i have because they are stashed all over the house. Keep going, Janine “lily-rose”

  12. Wow wee! I’m excited for you. You deserve it after 10 years of hoovering cotton off your living room carpet. The saying ‘Give her an inch and she’ll take a mile’ should be firmly in the fore front of your mind. I look forward to more details on your take over. Thanks for your lovely comment. xx
    p.s My next blog might interest you. It’s going to be titled “Who would win in a fight?” and should be finished later this week. x

  13. Kam says:

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