A Thirty Minute Breather

I know you don’t want to hear this but I’m going to tell you anyway. I’ll say it quickly. It’s only199daysuntilChristmas. So for me this means keeping one eye on day-to-day orders and the other on, yes, Christmas stock; and its fair to say that already I’m ‘robined out’. Stitching robins and holly berries whilst the sun is baking hot outside, well, it’s just not right. Yesterday I jumped ship and took a half hour breather through my garden, up the banking and to the railway embankment.  Here’s a quick tour for you.

Garden   Den b               Leave the garden                                                 Wade through the den

Den d   Boot                      Exit the den  …                                                     … and past the Ole Boot

WAlk rope                    Walk                              Haul myself up the banking                            Nearly there

Carriage   Sleepers with view          An old train carriage in sight …                             … and on the embankment.

Walk cIt’s only a couple of weeks since I last showed you the flowers that had started to appear along the railway embankment. Here’s a little of what’s been happening since.

Yellow red flowers       Speedwell with broome           Birdsfoot Trefoil                                                Red Campion and Broome

Tortoise butterfly     Buttercup with cricket              Tortoiseshell butterfly                                          Buttercup and cricket (?)

Strawberries c      Raspberries                 Wild strawberries….                                                   …and raspberries

Purple flowers with ant          Clover                           Purple Tuffed Vetch                                    Clover

Bud b        Bud                             Budding up                                                   Oxeye Daisy

Blue flowers       Purple flowers c                                                              Germander Speedwell

Dandilion       Dandilion clock                       Ready to seed                                                           Tick tock

White flowers      Fkowers                     Common Mouse Ear                                                   Ribwort Plantain

Blossom      Fluffy with ant                 Hawthorne blossom

Ladybird       Poppy red                               Ladybird                                                          Poppy

Lapwing b       Nest on flash                             Lapwing                                                               Nest on the flash

Neat flytipping       Strawberries                   Neat fly tipping (!)                                    Ground covering of wild strawberries

De      Garden c Ferns popping up in the den                                Over the fallen tree

Den c        Garden e                         Back through the den …                                            ….and into the garden

Walk workshop     Treasures             Workshop in view                                          Railway salvage in use in our garden

Flowers on book      robins                  This weeks specimens…                                             ….and back to work (argh!!)

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